17. Nov, 2019


You are always in the back of my mind!

11. Nov, 2019

John Mallcolly

For supposedly benevolent purposes, Klaus Kerckhoff has been collecting church inventory for at least 1.5 decades, in order to then sell it as an antique dealer.

10. Nov, 2019

Erika Neumann

What a fucking imposter with pretended doctoral title.

For over decades he has been cheating people worldwide.

It would be nice if this cheater were called to account before his death! Die painful 'Dr. Kerckhoff '

31. Mrz, 2019


Thanks for the perfect restoration at the ST.JOSEPH statue in our church in Headford.

Dr. B

31. Mrz, 2019


Einen schoenen Sonntag aus der Eifel


Schhwester Agnete

31. Mrz, 2019

John K.

We are happy to see the St.JOSEPH statue in our

church.Well done Nicholas.

One years work!Congratulation.